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Welcome to Parkwood Co. Visit us at www.Parkwoodco.com.
We create the finest quality printed tees and tanks for men and women. We only use the highest quality printing materials and print our garments using Hotronix heat presses. This makes a HUGE difference in the quality of our shirts. These presses are guaranteed to be cool spot free because of the way the coils are ran through the upper platen. It also has a moving upper platen to assure correct temperature when pressing your item. Aside from our presses, we also use premium printing materials that are not available unless you purchase from a distributor. This is the same material used to make major league sports uniforms. We DO NOT purchase any materials at a craft store. Those materials are not intended for professional apparel decorators and are only rated for 5 - 15 washes. Our materials are quality rated for OVER 50 washes. Our printing materials actually set them selves into the fibers of the garment. This is because our printing materials are ultra thin. Our decorations are rated to outlast the life of the garment. These will not fade, split or peel away. Wash after wash your item still look great.

Washing instructions:
Wash inside out using cool or warm water
tumble dry low
do not iron directly over decoration. If you MUST iron the decoration (though we don't really se a reason you would have to) you can cover the garment with parchment paper and iron cool.

If you purchase decals to iron on at home you must use an iron at 360 degrees. Apply using firm even pressure. Peel the sticky carrier and repress the decoration covering with parchment paper or a teflon mat. We do not guarantee the life of transfers pressed by the customer. This is because we cannot be certain of the accuracy of your iron temperature as well as the way it was applied. If you are in need of a specific color or style, please contact us for a custom order. We work with many wholesalers and should be able to find an item to meet your needs.

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